Meet Remo
Animal ID 43145701 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, American Staffordshire/Rottweiler 
Age 1 year 3 months 18 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color Chocolate/Tan 
Declawed No 
No Small Kids  
Site Caring Hands Humane Society 
Location K 
Intake Date 11/4/2019 
Adoption Price $80.00 
Dog friendly: Remo has been introduced to a female and did well playing chase with her for awhile (she was chasing him). He remained fairly submissive to her. With the male he was introduced to, he was wanting to play rough.

Cat friendly: Unknown

Kid Friendly: Unknown

Hello hoomans, I am Remo. I am a ladies man, my theme song should be "Girls, Girls, Girls". What can I say, they get me. And just look at this face. I do let the staff play dress-up with me, it makes them happy and puts a smile on their faces. I love to wrestle around and run zoomies with the ladies. I also can not resist chasing after a ball or any toy for that matter. I can be shy at first but once I figure you out, I am just a big cuddle buddy, Want to stay in and watch a movie? I am your man. Want someone to go on an adventure with you? I am your man for that, too. I love treats and am learning commands like sit and get down, and would like to learn as much as possible. I have been described as overly observant because I feel it is my job to know what is going on at all times. I haven't been around cats, and the only ones that the people here have introduced me to are kinda rude. I kinda think that men, especially hairy ones, look a little shady but I am willing to give them time to prove otherwise. I have a big heart and just wish that I could find that place they call home. I am an all around good doggo that has been overlooked here at the shelter, I have been here for a while now but will love to find the perfect match for me. Just come up here and meet with me if you think that I might be a good fit in your household.

Intake reason: Stray